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Why I ride an e-bike

Posted by Larry Bell on

I was an avid recreational bike rider from 3 years old on into my 40's. My favorite bike was my trusty Trek with RockShox suspension up front - I can't remember the model number, but I was able to go pretty much anywhere on at bike.

It wasn't very expensive, I think I paid $700 for it back around 1995ish. I tried out a bunch of bikes - ones costing less and some that were much more expensive.

The Trek just felt perfect for me. I rode it a lot - and hard. It never broke on me and I maintained it the best I knew how. It was my main bike until I got hurt and couldn't ride the trails anymore. 

I was relegated to easy, flat bike trails until eventually, I couldn't pedal for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time so I gave up riding altogether for a few years. 

Then a friend of mine bought an electric fat tire bike and brought it over for me to try out. 

I was hooked! I was so impressed with the pedal assist technology and the throttle that was available at the twist of the wrist when I needed a complete break from pedaling if I didn't want to stop.

I spent the next several weeks reading up on them and testing before I ended up picking up one of my own. And I've not looked back. 

The joy it has brought back into my life is immeasurable. The new friends I've made, being outdoors, and the excercise I get now has changed my life. 


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